Business Process Transformation

We specialise in offering a comprehensive range of services, including business process and journey design, benchmarking, gap analysis, process mining, process improvement, and process change management. By leveraging the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, our customers can effectively monitor and ensure the sustained success of these process enhancements. SAP Signavio's solutions serve as a vital component of SAP's broader portfolio for process transformation, seamlessly complementing their holistic approach. We use the power of SAP Signavio process analyses to facilitate transformation.


How Emphasys helps you RISE with SAP

We offer our Test, Demonstration, and Development instances of SAP Signavio, enabling our customers to gain deeper insights into critical processes and explore potential avenues for future business process transformation within the context of RISE with SAP.


Process Navigator

We initially use this lightweight tool for swift and easy access to solution scenarios and processes, facilitating the discovery phase and project planning.


Digital Discovery Assessment

This is an important step on the path to defining your solution scope and preparing your proposal. The Digital Discovery Assessment seamlessly integrates with the process specifics within the Process Navigator.


Cloud ALM

Is the SAP application lifecycle management solution to support all aspects of the implementation and run lifecycle, project definition and setup, fit-to-standard workshops and capturing of your requirements to safely guide you through the implementation and later on support you to operate your solution


Signavio Process Explorer

As one entry point into the rich world of Signavio, including process metrics to measure and benchmark work, process mining and analytics, and much, much more.

Business Process Expertise

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our extensive track record enhances our expertise in business process transformation:

  1. Global Reach: Having successfully implemented SAP solutions in 36 countries showcases our ability to adapt and excel in diverse international business environments.

  2. Longevity: With over 25 years of experience in implementing SAP, we have consistently demonstrated our proficiency in navigating the evolving landscape of business technology and process transformation.

  3. Diverse Clientele: Having served more than 18 companies underscores our adaptability and capacity to tailor solutions to various industry needs.

  4. Published Authority: Being the authors of two books published by Osborne McGraw Hill is a testament to our thought leadership and contribution to the field of business process transformation. It reflects our ability to distill complex concepts into accessible knowledge, reinforcing our expertise in the domain.

SAP Signavio

A cloud-based process transformation suite that gives companies the ability to understand, improve and transform all of their business processes, fast and at scale

Irrespective of your transformation path, SAP Signavio supports your move to SAP S/4HANA, making the transition fast, manageable, and most importantly, one that adds value


Process Analysis

Extract fast and actionable insights from your entire process landscape to drive immediate and ongoing value during your transformation. ​


Value Accelerators

Accelerate your project with pre-configured value accelerators and resources at your fingertips.


Process Mining

Uncover opportunities to improve performance and efficiency with deep insights and root cause analysis on your data


Journey Modeling

Get an outside-in perspective of customer, employer and supplier experiences to understand and maximise value for all stakeholders.


Process Modeling

Drive your implementation leveraging standard SAP based practice processes, ensuring alignment between business and IT.


Application Lifecycle Management

Seamlessly integrate with application lifecycle management to keep process design and implementation in sync.

Accelerate your SAP return on investment with Emphasys

Client Testimonial

Emphasys enables global sales platform

“Glynn (emphasys Principal) led the SAP integration with Schneider Electric’s ecommerce solution “MySE” which has now become our Global platform with over 50 Countries implemented and close to 2B Euros in Sales Orders. Glynn provided a very balanced approach to our solutions with the Technical strengths and leadership with a very hands on practical approach, and managed a cross functional off shore development team.” – Chris Edmonds eCommerce Business Manager – Schneider Electric

We connect your new and old technology, systems, customers and partners. We enable your business to utilise the latest SAP S/4HANA cloud solutions.

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