Our Engagement Models

No Hidden Fees - We Partner With You For Your Success

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Fixed Bid

Working efficiently on the projects with clear, stable, and settled requirements. The cost to build an app is fixed and discussed before the fulfilment of the project. Only pre-discussed ‘milestones’ of the project are charged, we expect the payment once it is finished.

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Time and Material (T&M)

Ideal for the projects that are expected to change or don’t have clear requirements The cost of software development is based on direct labor hours at a pre-discussed hour rate Working efficiently when the client requires some parts of the project off-loaded in time.

All of our engagements include:

  • Strong non-disclosure obligations
  • Statement of Work
  • Management and reporting terms
  • Maintenance and support conditions
  • Full transfer of intellectual property rights on the code and documentation that we will develop for you
  • Payment terms depending on the contract type as the rates on service type might vary
  • Other general conditions typical for master service agreements
Working Process

We Provide Measurable KPI's Throughout The Engagement

Working Process

Our Delivery Models



We operate in sprints that match your cadence. We use a backlog and JIRA managed KANBAN boards. We work with your Product Owner to ensure alignment on deliverables.



We operate with agreeable milestones and measurable KPI's. We focus on your ROI for every project.