Lead to Cash

Our Integration and deep functional expertise cover the entire business process from initial contact with a prospective customer, to order fulfilment and service delivery, driving revenue opportunity and optimizing the experience along the entire customer journey.


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Create Flexible Business Models

Businesses are evolving from selling individual products to ofering holistic solutions. Together with SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Commerce Cloud solutions allows businesses to handle multiple product types, from physical to service to subscription. SAP S/4HANA Solution Order Management integration with the SAP Field Service Management and SAP Subscription Billing solutions also supports flexible business models.

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Gain Order Flexibility and Transparency

With the solution order management scenario in SAP S/4HANA, you can manage all aspects of a solution offering, from initial quoting to final revenue recognition. By integrating with the flexible quoting capability in the SAP CPQ solution, you can now bundle physical goods with services and subscriptions in a hybrid environment.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Inefficient route planning leads to ineffective field service allocation and a larger carbon footprint. By integrating automated planning and optimization with SAP Field Service Management, you can optimize travel routes, matching the right techs with the right skills to the right jobs, and do so sustainably.

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Speed Up Quote Generation

Manual data entry and multiple system logins results in lower sales productivity. By integrating the SAP Sales Cloud solution with SAP CPQ capabilities, you get automated opportunity updates to accelerate the quote creation process, thereby saving your sales reps time and improving pipeline accuracy.

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Contextualize across touchpoints

By integrating Account Engagement from the SAP Emarsys® Customer Engagement solution with SAP Sales Cloud, businesses can now act on shared customer views across sales, marketing, and commerce. This effort results in contextualizing engagements across all touch points and embedding personalization into e-mail and mobile channels.

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Centralize Master Data

Complex and complicated integration scenarios lead to higher maintenance efforts, causing inefficiencies and increasing costs. With the centralization of master data exchange in the SAP Master Data Integration service, you bene"t from a faster, more efficient, and consistent integration process.